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Holiday Book Ordering Schedule for Author Orders

Redemption Press authors: Just a friendly head up about ordering your books through the Holidays!

Don’t have your holiday cheer dampened by having to rush. Get your orders in early to have books in your hand for the holidays. 

To ensure timely delivery of your books, please place orders according to the following deadlines.

Greatest Redemption Story Contest

Deadline to enter is Wednesday, Dec. 18. Winner will be announced Jan. 1.

We want to hear your Redemption story! Submit your short story for a chance to win $500 cash or $1500 toward an upcoming publishing project. Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful time of year!

Publishing Tips: Typesetting Your Text - Professional or Not?

With the advent of DIY publishing where writers can publish their book with the click of a button, many concerns arise.

Unfortunately, many new writers make the mistake of using unprofessional design on the cover and typesetting throughout the interior of the book, which causes their first book to look highly unprofessional.

What it Would Really Take to Relaunch Your Book by Christmas

Around this time of year, you may often see enticing promotions from publishing companies that promise to publish your book by Christmas. Be careful of big promotions like these, and make sure you’re actually getting a professional edit and a quality cover.

Truthfully, being in print by Christmas could be an unrealistic goal, but it really depends on the condition of your book.