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"The Power of the Spoken Word -- Sell More Books" LIVE Radio Episode Tomorrow with Athena Dean Holtz

The Power of The Spoken Word - Sell More Books by Developing or Expanding Your Speaking Platform

Join Athena on Saturday, May 30th at 10 AM PST for this week's episode of Publishing Today Radio. No matter how you publish, a speaking platform will help you sell more books. Athena and guests will give you tips and takeaways for elevating your speaking game to the next level. You will not want to miss this dynamic topic!

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Getting Permission to Quote a Copyrighted Work

Over the last 25 years I have watched publisher’s guidelines for authors citing copyrighted works increase dramatically.

When I started out, I tried to find out what other publishers held up as limits on what would be considered “fair use.” There had to be a line where authors would be required to gain and possibly pay for permission from the publisher in order to quote the work.