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Sermon Series to Book -- What's it Take?

In this slideshow presentation, Athena Dean Holtz walks us through the process of turning a series of sermons into a professional, publishable book.

Watch the slideshow below to discover the benefits of getting your sermons into book form and why this just might be perfect for you. From funding options to editing to all the steps and tips from a pro, this post has you covered!


We received an alarming phone call yesterday from a Crossbooks author, saying he received an email that the publisher was closing their doors and all their moneys would be refunded.

I had to contact a pastor friend whom I knew was in the process of publishing with them to make sure I was hearing the truth. He confirmed that it is, in fact, the truth. 

The Publishing Jungle Video Series - Part One

So you’re a writer or an author and you have a manuscript that you believe is ready to publish or you need a better publishing option, what’s next? Perhaps you're unsettled with your current or previous self-publisher or maybe you're just getting into the publishing game. It's time to choose your best publishing options, but how? We invite you to learn.

Lasting Impressions: Package Yourself With Class - Part Seven



So, we've covered a lot over these last six posts. And all of the discussion so far has revolved around tangible components you will want to implement in order to create a professional image online, in print, and in person. There are, however, seven intangible components I'd like to share with you in wrapping up.