Develop an Online Bible Study or Book Club

Develop an Online Bible Study or Book Club


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How to Lead, Teach, and Disciple People Through Online Bible Study and Book Clubs

You’ll be up and running in 30 days with this proven method!

Is God calling you to do something BOLD and DIFFERENT and you’re trying to figure out where to start? 

I want to introduce you to my friend, Christine Abraham, and encourage you to consider learning from her.

The number one question people ask her each WEEK is “How do I get started?” For years Christine has been mentoring men and women to start their own ministries, Bible studies and book clubs. Now she's  sharing her own failures and success…step into her shoes!

Online Bible Studies and Book Clubs are NOT THE SAME as local groups

Christine has mentored and observed many people who struggle with the details of leading and teaching online – and that’s where her experience has helped them past the online stumbling blocks. Once she helps you get past the most common blocks you’ll be ready to launch your study or book club with CONFIDENCE.

In this coaching, Christine will show you how she created the first online Bible studies. She went from serving an audience of 14 women to more than 200,000 women around the world. Christine will reveal her mistakes and successes, with the purpose of equipping you to serve your Kingdom purpose.

If you’re willing to learn and implement these ideas then you’ll be up and running in 30 days!

Christine will be coaching you through the process, looking at your progress and suggesting ways to be more effective to achieve your results. You provide the passion and content and she will provide the methods to DELIVER YOUR MESSAGE to your desired audience.


  • How Christine launched the Women’s Bible Cafe and Book Club!
  • How to start your own online Bible Study and Book Club
  • Defining your audience and where to find them - THINK GLOBAL.
  • Setting up your Facebook group and pages.
  • Branding yourself across social media channels.
  • How to set up a simple blog - NOW!
  • Your unique online DNA - don’t be a clone be an original voice called by God.
  • How to stay safe online and guard your privacy.
  • Conflicts, witches, atheists, Facebook “jail” and angry online people - be prepared.
  • Find the best times to lead live events in multiple time zones.

Let me be clear. Christine and I both do not support copyright violations, judging others, copying the work of others and greed. If you are taking this coaching class to make money then she is the WRONG PERSON to coach you! Christine has not profited from her work at the Women’s Bible Cafe and she leads women solely because God called her to obedience.

But… if you have written a book or are called by God to share a message JUST LIKE CHRISTINE, then this is where she can help you!

Numerous people have copied the Women’s Bible Cafe and are struggling to make their online studies successful. Now she is offering these proven methods because she feels God calling her to equip others and impact the world with His Presence.

If you have the passion and calling from God, then together we will work with Him to launch your own Online Bible Study or Book Club in 30 Days!
Ready to Launch Your Own Online Bible Study or Book Club?

  • Who: Authors, Christian Speakers, Ministry Leaders, Bloggers, Missionaries and anyone interested in online Bible Study or Book Clubs
  • What: 30 Days of Online Coaching AND evaluation of your progress
  • When: October 1st through October 30
  • Where: Private Facebook Group with Christine Abraham
  • How: 30 DAILY updates* and assignments will be posted in the private Facebook group. Christine will ask strategic questions, review your work, and mentor you personally.
  • Bonus: Upon completion of the coaching, Christine will post a link with your Online Bible Study or Book Club on her websites at the or
  • Additional Bonus: Upon completion Athena will review your branding, blog, and online club and will offer a series of live webinars to offer additional coaching and support.