375 - All Under One Roof Print Book - No Changes

375 - All Under One Roof Print Book - No Changes


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SKU: 700-715.

Not only are there more publishers closing their doors, but we've noticed that many authors have multiple books, typically produced by a number of different publishers. With the All Under One Roof designation, we give you a special incentive to bring all your titles under one roof, where you can have the lowest author price per copy and highest profits on sales made to consumers and bookstores.

This option assumes you have printer ready files but want no changes to the text or cover.

Using your printer ready PDF or InDesign Files we will:

  • Change the logo to Redemption Press
  • Issue a new ISBN
  • Remove any reference to your publisher on the copyright and order pages and cover files
  • Reupload files to printer
  • Receive a soft proof (pdf) from the printer to approve
  • Put title into distribution with all major online stores including CBD, as well as physical stores, nationally and internationally.
  • Set up Search Inside the Book with Amazon
  • Create complimentary QR Code that points to your book on our bookstore for author promotional use
  • Retail price can be set by author. Cost to purchase copies will be at LSI published printing rates (trade size book is $.99 + .0165 per page, 200 page book = $4.29 per copy plus shipping/handling)
  • Profits (not royalties) are the difference between the net revenues from sale of the book and any applicable handling fee and your cost for printing.
  • Your title will be listed on the Redemption Press bookstore and direct to consumer sales processed for a handling fee of 10% or $2.50 per order, whichever is more. A link to your book on this bookstore will be provided to the author to put onto their website.
  • Provide monthly sales reports
  • Pay profits quarterly