440 - Interactive Reader Engagement

440 - Interactive Reader Engagement


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Interactive engagement is about sharing the heart of an author's book, rather than the business of it. The author's heart is the common ground where author and reader meet. Its the place where relationships are cultivated. It's the place where seeds are scattered and the soil tilled. Connections begin. Seeds are planted and hope blossoms. Learn to engage readers and draw them in long before they open the book - let alone read the first chapter. Use lifestyle techniques to captivate the audience. Build reader/retailer relationships by showcasing the book. Engage readership by exploring and using all 5 physical senses as well as a variety of color palettes and merchandising techniques. Learn the how-to's of book displaying for optimal visual contact. Widen the circle of influence, engage and draw readers close to make that heartfelt connection through interactive engagement. Includes 3 hours of one-on-one time plus 1 hour of creative development offline. Additional hours at $165.00 each