445 - Developing an Empowered Author Life

445 - Developing an Empowered Author Life


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Whether you call it dressing for success, branding, or marketing, first impressions will still make or break an author. And yes, actions and appearances speak louder than words. Have you as an author identified:

  • Your potential and/or purpose.
  • Your identity as a person or author (tag lines or catch phrases)
  • Do you know who God created you to be and what your message to the world is?
  • What are the possibilities? (Limitless)

A well-rounded author relates to their audience because they are comfortable with and have defined answers to questions like these. A confident author connects with readers, retailers, and publishers from a heart place of contentment. Its about defining relationships in today's marketplace. Defining and branding oneself as a 'Difference Maker' is learning to operate from that place of contentment. Offering readers, retailers, and publishers the 'Real You Author' is letting go of fear and stepping into Gods realm of influence and His Power. Tools and tips for developing who the author is and charting that course will help authors be real, authentic and live a genuine stand-out life. Includes 3 hours of one-on-one time plus 1 hour of creative development offline. Additional hours at $165.00 each.