A Radio Resource on the Publishing Industry

A Radio Resource on the Publishing Industry

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Joanna Lahman 's picture
Joanna Lahman
Hello,my husband is one of the many people taken and lied to by Tate music group. They took a good amount of money from him upfront,after making a bunch of empty promises like...your album will be sold at Target,Wal-mart etc...Only to find out months later that they don't promote... Or at least that's what they told me when I called complaining. They didn't do all of their job that they were supposed to do making his album my husband wound up recording a lot of it at the house and actually that's how we met he had to find his own background singer which was myself. then they rushed us to hurry up and finish the album only for nothing to happen. So I had to record my back up parts when I didn't really know the music yet. So I don't even listen to the album at all it just aggravates me and upsets me to hear it ...they left a horrible mistake on my background singing on purpose because they thought it was something that Johnny and June would have done but no one got my permission to purposely put a screw up on there.Who does that??!!! Do you have any advice for us, because we had no idea they were closing till I went online to order some copies of the album and saw that the father and son were being arrested for fraud etc. Things were bad enough, now I can't even order any copies of the c.d.at all. If you have any advice for us anything would be appreciated, thank you Joanna and Allan Lee
Leanna Wright's picture
Leanna Wright
Hello Joanna and Allen, I am so sorry to hear about what happened to you both. We would love to help, but unfortunately we only publish books. If you would like some advice, Niki, our Publishing Consultant can probably help you further. her email is niki@redemption-press.com or you can call the office at (360) 226-3488

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