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Mini Jumpstarter


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The Redemption Press Mini-JumpStarter Program is a great way to get started on the publication process and begin gathering or raising funds for the rest of the process. This streamlined version of our traditional JumpStarter assumes you don't need coaching, but simply the cover, flier, and page on our bookstore. The price includes:

Front Cover Design: $500.00*
Personalized front cover creation process, including 3 development hours from an experienced graphic design team. You'll be able to use the front cover to share the vision for your manuscript and garner support for your book.

2 Hours of Project Management: $60.00
One of our Project Managers will be your go-to person. They will help facilitate your coach assignment, the front cover design and the design of your pre-publication flier.

1 ISBN: $150.00*
The International Standard Book Number will be assigned for your book and used on the sales flier.

Pre-Publication Flyer: $200.00
Your book cover in full color on the front of the sales flier, with sales copy that you've written with the help of your coach. Pre-publication option offers special discount information included for orders placed before publication date. High resolution PDF provided for you to print out, copy and share as needed. Cover and description listed on Redemption Press bookstore so pre orders can be received while pre-pub promotion is happening.

*Since you are paying for your ISBN and front cover now, those fees will not be included in Phase Two of your publishing process.