Love's Legacy: A Story of Hope and Healing

Love's Legacy: A Story of Hope and Healing


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SKU: 978-1-63232-044-5. Author Bio: Stephanie Dalla Rosa
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Stephanie Dalla Rosa tells her story of hope and healing after losing her mom to a year and a half long battle with cancer. Just when she didn't think she could make it, she found her mom's journals and began reading through them. Her mom's faith and trust in God was soothing salve to her broken heart. Originally typing up these journal entries for her siblings, she soon recognized that God laid a passion on her heart to turn theses journals into a book. If her mom's unwavering faith could help her, she knew it could help someone else by giving them hope in a hopeless situation and healing in a broken world. Love's Legacy: A Story of Hope and Healing is her first book.

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1 Review

Fred DePalma's picture
Fred DePalma

This book really hit home. Very inspirational and makes me sit back and reflect on the important things in life. I will recommend to all.


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