Growth of Faith Through Miracles

Growth of Faith Through Miracles


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Do you ever wonder if God still does miracles today? This book answers the question beyond the shadow of a doubt. He does! A walking, talking miracle-that's what author Sherian Emigh's husband Leigh calls his wife, and he's right. Sherian's story demonstrates God's miraculous activity in a powerful way. After three bouts with cancer, of the breast, bone, and brain, and Leigh being told by the doctors in 1986 that his wife had only six to eight months to live, God healed Sherian. Today she presents this book about her experience of his grace more than twenty years ago. But, as if miracles were not enough, in this exciting book Sherian invites the reader to experience her journey of faith and obedience. Learn how God spoke to her in a still, small voice about the tiniest details of her life and led her in a personal, loving, specific way day in and day out.

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