Solomon's Treasure: Uncover the Ancient Paths

Solomon's Treasure: Uncover the Ancient Paths


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God once asked King Solomon, "What shall I give thee?" Solomon could have asked for anything-riches, long life, endless joy-but instead, he simply asked for discernment between good and evil. Impressed by Solomon's foresight, God additionally granted him a wise and understanding heart, which is why the name Solomon is now synonymous with wisdom. "Solomon's Treasure: Uncover the Ancient Paths," makes use of the Book of Proverbs, God's gift to a wise king. It is a practical guide bringing ancient wisdom into modern times, fully applicable in your day-to-day life. It covers ninety-seven key topics from Proverbs, including anger, compassion, revenge, and forgiveness. The source material is three thousand years old, but the advice found in it is timeless and relevant even today. As Christians, it is easy to get distracted and wander from the path. Even so, a life lived well begins with a single step; often that step is simple awareness. Are you ready to take that first step? Solomon's Treasure offers an opportunity to see clearly the rights and wrongs of a Christian life in an informative, easy-to-understand guidebook leading to a path of wisdom and fulfillment.


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