Churchgoers: The Fad of the Modern Day Hypocrite

Churchgoers: The Fad of the Modern Day Hypocrite


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SKU: 978-1-68314-078-8. Author Bio: Dorothy Burch Tags: : Christian LifePersonal Growth
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Do you ever ask yourself if your faith is as vibrant and active as it should be? Do you sometimes feel like you go to church on Sunday morning, but the rest of the week you're just your same, old, unchanged self? Author Dorothy Burch describes churchgoers as those who go to church on Sunday morning but their lives don't always indicate that they have a real relationship with God. She challenges each of us to examine our priorities, thoughts, and behavior to see whether we are really living like children of God or whether we just fill a pew on Sunday morning and then go back to business as usual Monday through Saturday. Within these pages, you'll find: • Practical ways to be transformed from mere churchgoers into the true church of Christ. • Bible passages that will awaken you to how easy it is to slip into worldliness and idolatry. You will find scriptures that can help draw you back to God. • Pertinent questions that will stimulate your self-reflection and thinking in a whole new way. This insightful book will call you to worship the Father in spirit and in truth, as he desires from each of us. If you want to revitalize your faith and start living the exciting life of a child of God, let this book help you change from a churchgoer into a true worshiper.



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