What Happened To You?: Hippies, Gospel Outreach, and the Jesus People Revival

What Happened To You?: Hippies, Gospel Outreach, and the Jesus People Revival


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An eyewitness account of the powerful work of the Holy Spirit in the Jesus People revival that birthed the work of the Gospel Outreach ministry. As young people turned their backs on society in a search for truth and meaning in the 1960s and 1970s, the revival swept thousands into the kingdom. Lives changed by an encounter with Jesus Christ resulted in radical disciples. The story of how Gospel Outreach, born out of this revival, and led by Jim Durkin, established discipleship centers in northern California, Alaska, and outreaches in many U. S. cities, and on to Europe, Latin America and beyond.

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2 Reviews

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Susan Insko

Have you ever wondered what it was like to live through the Jesus Movement of 1970's? Have you seen those pictures of the long haired hippies with their arms raised worshipping Jesus, seemingly fresh back from Woodstock or San Francisco and wondered, how in the world did these people turn their lives over to the Lord and become completely transformed? Then Marc Allen's, What Happened to You is the perfect way to find out. Marc takes his readers along with him to hear from those who were there in their own words. Read what happens when an old Coast Guard Station on a lonely road in Northern California is transformed into a ranch overflowing with young men and women from all over the United States. Discover how the Lord used a woman from Germany to transform her land near Mendocino into a fairy tale collection of hand built homes, which, provided housing for an unstoppable stream of disillusioned young people into giving their lives to Jesus. You'll encounter tales of gun toting marijuana growers on horseback, FBI agents, terrible tragedies, and ultimate healing. You'll marvel at the intricate methods God used to call people from their homes, some from as far away as England, Germany and Honduras. With little money, but lots of hard work, this rag tag beginning ignited a world wide outreach, with thousands ultimately turning their lives over to God. If you want to learn how it was accomplished, Marc has, in a quick moving and entertaining way, layed out the story of real people, living real stories that changed the world.

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