After the Casseroles: Rediscovering Hope in Grief's Journey

After the Casseroles: Rediscovering Hope in Grief's Journey


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What happens after the casseroles stop coming? Is there help for those who are left behind in brokenness and unrelenting grief? Grief affects every facet of life—from spiritual to physical, emotional to financial, and can paralyze the strongest of individuals. Dr. Jerry Jones, who has worked with hundreds of grieving people for more than twenty-five years says, “It is not mental illness; it is grief.” After the Casseroles explores the scope of grief, and outlines the path from brokenness to healing. While there are no quick fixes, helpful and proven strategies will help the grieving restore equilibrium. Develop the skills for living alongside the grief. Rediscover hope for recovery. Find out how to regain a life of purpose. Learn how to help others in their grief.

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