Lazarus Effect

Lazarus Effect


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SKU: 9781632328052. Author Bio: Daniel Veirs Tags: : ReligionChristian, Fiction
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A voice sounded in the void. "It is time to begin, Gabriel Catrell." Gabe looked around, even though he knew it was useless in the blacker-than-black darkness. "Begin what?" "Your instruction." Little does Gabe Catrell realize that his life is about to change. Complacent about his Christianity-if he even is a Christian-Gabe is content to float from one feel-good moment to the next. He doesn't realize his choices have eternal consequences. He doesn't believe in angels . . . or demons . . . or anything "out there." An accident lands Gabe in a coma, the perfect place for God to begin His instruction. Gabe interacts with angels & demons on an astonishing journey through a world of dreams-or nightmares. Human family and friends are in one reality, spiritual beings in another. Back and forth Gabe jumps, wondering if he will ever escape the confusion. Along his pilgrimage, Gabe is forced to face issues that confront us all. Does God use ordinary people to further His plan? Do our decisions and how we express them affect only ourselves, or does God fit them together like pieces of a puzzle into His plan? If we listen, will we hear God's voice? And if we hear, how will we respond?


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