How Clicker, the Dog, Earned His Name

How Clicker, the Dog, Earned His Name


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SKU: 978-1-68314-283-6. Author Bio: Rosie Bosse Tags: : Juvenile NonfictionAnimalsDogs

Clicker starts out as a little abandoned puppy who finds a wonderful home with Mr. and Mrs. Farmer. He becomes a valuable companion and assistant to Mr. Farmer who just calls him Dog. Dog earns his name and his fame in this story of Dog and the mountain lion. “One last jump, and the lion opened its mouth to grab the calf when suddenly, the mountain lion was doing somersaults through the air!” Dog loves his new home and takes his job as protector of the cattle very seriously. In this story, How Clicker the Dog Earned His Name, Clicker goes from an abandoned puppy to a very important animal on Mr. Farmer’s farm. He loves his people, his job, and his animals. The abandoned little puppy is now a treasured dog with a name and his own home!


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