Grieving Forward: Death Happened, Now What?

Grieving Forward: Death Happened, Now What?


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SKU: 978-1-68314-350-5. Author Bio: Cathy Clough and Linda Pouliot Tags: : Self-HelpDeathGriefBereavement
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Dear Friend, 

It happened and it hurts. You realize it, but you can't believe it yet. The tears start coming and you wonder if you'll ever be able to function normally again. Fortunately, the grief journey, like any other process in life, can be learned. Even though it doesn't feel like it right now, healing is possible. Together we will explore: 

-The 5 needs of every griever. 

-How to deal with: normal grief guilt, normal grief anger, normal grief depression - and the "dumb" things people say. 

-Sorting, saving, and purging your loved one's belongings - without regret. 

-The importance of having a plan for holidays, special days, and the anniversary of the death. 

-What it means to create a "New Normal."

-How to navigate the path of grief, with all of its pitfalls and potholes, twists and turns, all the way to the destination of healing, acceptance, and new beginnings. 


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