Mom, I'm a Girl eBook

Mom, I'm a Girl eBook


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When her son told her, “Mom, I’m a girl,” this Christian mother started down a painful path of struggle and faith.

Through watching her child come to grips with transgenderism, and his eventual suicide, Judy Glenney learned to trust God completely and surrender everything to Him.

She offers what she and her husband learned as Christian parents of a transgender child to bring understanding and comfort for those walking this path.

This is a book of encouragement for those going through difficult situations and feeling God is silent to their cries for help. Discover that:


  • God hears your cries of anger and frustration, and sees your tears.
  • The choices your loved ones make are theirs, though contrary to yours.
  • God always answers prayer; sometimes it’s no.


This book deals with a very difficult, emotional subject with an honest transparency that draws the reader into the narrative in a life-changing way. God is bigger than your pain.  The circumstances you face do not in any way thwart God’s plan for your life. As you walk with Judy through her story, you’ll find truth and answers for your story.

                                                                                —Janice Mayo Mathers, author and speaker


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