Pepper Plans a Party: Coloring Book

Pepper Plans a Party: Coloring Book


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SKU: 978-1-68314-474-8. Author Bio: Terri Nekvinda Tags: : Juvenile FictionReligiousChristianAnimals

Is it true? Are we going to have a party to celebrate how you saved us from the wolf last night?” asked the raccoons. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book Pepper Plans a Party.  Pepper is a little porcupine who wants to have a party to celebrate making friends. He is having trouble forgiving some of the animals in the forest who made fun of him. He doesn’t want to invite them to his party. He has an eye-opening conversation with his very wise mother who challenges his thinking. He learns some valuable life lessons that teach him how to be a good friend. He discovers why it’s so important to forgive and how to resolve a misunderstanding.  There are lessons in Pepper’s books that speak to all ages. Be sure to look for interesting facts about porcupines while you’re reading, which are woven into the storyline.


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