I Can't Do Life: One Woman's Escape from the Grip of Addiction

I Can't Do Life: One Woman's Escape from the Grip of Addiction


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From a cycle of failure to the first glimmer of hope, one woman’s story of recovery and redemption, an inch at a time.

A little girl grows up in a dysfunctional home with alcoholic parents that appears perfect on the outside, but leaves her with severe lack of self-worth, and a gaping need for acceptance and love.

Reeling from sexual abuse, she turns to drugs and illicit relationships for affirmation and a sense of belonging. Scarred from an abortion, then trapped in a loveless marriage, she descends deeper and deeper into alcoholism and drug abuse.

Forced into recovery, she fails again and again, each time hurting her family more deeply.

Then, buried childhood memories of God cause her to ask for His help.

“No matter how bad it gets or what you’ve done, God still loves you.”

                                                Kathy Renee

Hope for those who have tried and failed to quit . . .  and those who love them.


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