How to Disciple Men

How to Disciple Men


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Got 15 minutes? Sharpen your ministry to men. Each brief chapter is packed with practical advice from those who have dedicated their lives to helping men become more like Jesus. Hear their stories. Learn from their mistakes. Profit from their experience. Discover how to: 

  • Teach and reach the male mind. 
  • Build and strengthen your men's group through missions, road trips, outdoor activities, and marketplace ministry. 
  • Plan, market, produce, and follow up on men's events.
  • Minister to men who have lost their job, confess addiction, or feel like they're not even welcome at church. 
  • Create a team of prayer warriors. 
  • Mentor effectively, and set up practical, authentic accountability. 
  • Engage millennials, and reach across racial lines. 
  • Become a valued partner with your senior pastor.
  • Ensure your own family takes priority over your ministry. 

Gain practical wisdom from Kenny Luck, Josh McDowell, David Murrow, Jim Grassi of Men's Ministry Catalyst, Brian Doyle of Iron Sharpens Iron, and many more. Collectively, contributors to this handbook have more than a thousand years of experience ministering to men. How to Disciple Men is a labor of love from NCMM to you. Hey, we're all in this together. 


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