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Blue has never left the state of Maryland. Smith has never been in love. By the end of the next week, neither of these statements will still be true.

Roxie alternates between Blue's story in urban Baltimore and Smith's in rural Mississippi, following the ten days that will transform their lives forever. 

Things have never really changed for Blue—same friends, same jobs, same selfish behavior with women. But when his best friend threatens to move to New Orleans, Blue begins to reflect upon his fundamental purpose in life. Simultaneously, along come two prospective love interests who will complicate things as they push him to the brink of insanity.

Smith cuts fabric at a mattress factory but dreams of much more. After receiving an unexpected promotion, he encounters “the girl with the brilliant lilac,” a beautiful young woman who is new in town.

The story builds to a powerful and thought-provoking conclusion as the two men’s lives ultimately collide.

Roxie is a story of redemption, resiliency, personal growth, and the interconnectedness of us all. It inspires deep introspection, punctuated by a cast of delightfully eccentric characters who provide humor and levity to this dramatic tale.


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