When God Speaks: An Unspoken Gift is Birthed

When God Speaks: An Unspoken Gift is Birthed


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A daughter is unprepared to become the caregiver of her father. Accepting this assignment, one she was chosen for, changes her life.Come along on one woman’s personal journey through heartache, denial, and struggle to a new place of grace. Along the way, she learns to hear God’s voice speaking into her life, her faith deepens, and the depth of her experience becomes more precious than gold.

Inspiration for all those who are caregivers or deal with:

  • Changing life seasons
  • illness in the family
  • a loved one in denial
  • life changes and challenges.

“A season inspired by God can change your entire life.”

“Whenever God is speaking into your life, there’s a job he has planned for you. He will give you the tools you need to perform his work in his timing.”


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