Hope Everlasting: A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love

Hope Everlasting: A Story of Faith, Hope, and Love


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In Hope Everlasting, by J.C. Lafler, a young runaway struggles with feelings of guilt, abandonment and worthlessness.  Vaguely remembering his mother’s belief that “God is with us and there is always hope,” he tries to make his way on his own, when a horrible experience as a foster child leaves him no other options. After meeting another runaway, and helping the girl with her infant daughter, she disappears leaving the infant with him. Having no way or means to care for an infant, he leaves her on the doorstep of a home for girls, praying that she will be taken care of.  Penniless, with nothing but an old backpack containing all that he owns, he continues his search for a job and a warm place to spend the night.  When the last glimmer of hope seems to be disappearing, he wanders onto a farm and finds not only a job, but eventually a loving family and a permanent home. Hope Everlasting is a story about the amazing possibilities that exist when we turn to God and believe in His desire to give us a future and hope.


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