Bouquets from My Beloved

Bouquets from My Beloved


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Each of  us has a hole inside our hears, something our Creator put within us before we were even conceived. A place that is waiting to be filled, perfectly completing us. We can spend our entire lives searching, never finding peace. Or, we can respond to His invitation to turn to Jesus.

Do you believe that your Creator knew from the beginning where you would find yourself  right at this moment? Do you have faith that He has been anxiously waiting for you to understand His passionate love for you? Author Judy Lokits honestly addresses these quesitons in Bouquets from  My  Beloved—a  study  book  for  divorcees,  widows,  and  all  single women. Using humor and candid accounts of  personal frailties, Judy brings to life the divine romance to which all are called but few partake. Singleness is meant to be a blessing, a source of  peace, fulfillment, and fruitfulness beyond your wildest dreams; but you have to first accept it. Bouquets from My Beloved is a journey into a deeper and more intimate relationship  with  the  Lord  Jesus  Christ  as  the  Bridegroom. Along  the  way  He  offers  reminders  of   His  love—beautiful 
bouquests for His beloved.


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