Deep Calls Unto Deep: In the Song of Solomon (Revised Edition)

Deep Calls Unto Deep: In the Song of Solomon (Revised Edition)


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“Judy has written a Bible study that inspires and teaches believers in a creative way how to grow in their knowledge of God—a must if you want a more intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus.”

—Beth Lavino, Pastor New Life Church, Phoenix, Arizona

Have you ever started to read the Song of Songs, only to give up halfway through because you don’t understand why this romantic, passionate love poem is in the Bible? What does it have to do with God? In Deep Calls unto Deep, Judy Lokits gives us a window into the Song through which we can glimpse the depths of the passionate and eternal love of God for His people, along with a way to climb through it and make it real for ourselves.

     Have you ever wondered how to have a more intimate and enriched relationship with Jesus Christ? This book guides the student through the language of the Song of Songs, encouraging the believer to go deeper into the knowledge of God, to glimpse the immensity of this exploration, and to develop ways of making contact with Him.

     The Bible study includes a built-in personal journal, allowing the readers to record personal growth and insights along the way, rather than a list of questions to be answered. Specific suggestions help the beginning “journaler” to develop a new tool in their devotional life.


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