Becoming a Voice of Fire: A Soul with Impact

Becoming a Voice of Fire: A Soul with Impact


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Where are the Voices of Fire who hear from God and speak His words in a culture in desperate need of truth?

Today’s church culture is sacrificing voices of fire for voices of comfort, ease, and the power of positive speech.

Learn how to fan the flame of the Holy Spirit in your life to shape your voice to have true impact for Christ. Learn to believe God for great things and the impossible. Our circumstances, surroundings, or limitations never limit, stop, or change our God.

Voices of fire are men and women who:

  • Preach, teach, and live with passion the whole Word of God
  • Spend time with God, know Him, and communicate His heart
  • Live a life of power and are used by God to change lives.

Let us all become fire starters in every corner of this world!


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