A Christmas Story: Daniel Mouse at the Stable

A Christmas Story: Daniel Mouse at the Stable


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SKU: A Christmas Story eBook. Author Bio: Libbie Randels Tags: : ReligionHolidaysChristmasAdventMinistryChildrenEducationYouth

“One starry night, Daniel peeked out to see what there was to see.”

Come along with young Daniel Mouse as he investigates a gathering of shepherds on that long-ago, star-filled Christmas night. Startled by the sudden appearance of angels, he slips into a shepherd’s pouch and ends up in the manger with the baby Jesus. Daniel returns home with a glorious story to tell. Children three to ten will experience the birth of Jesus as seen through tiny eyes as Daniel Mouse learns about curiosity, courage, and the miracle of Christmas.

It doesn’t matter how small you are, you can still be a part of something big and can share what you have experienced with others.


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