Out From Under

Out From Under


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SKU: 978-1-63232-355-2 (Anchor Book). Author Bio: Dawn Stefanowicz Tags: : HealingChristianTrauma

A woman who grew up with a same-sex-attracted father beginning in 1960’s Toronto shares her very personal story to benefit other children who have endured a similar household, and ensure policies protect the best interests of children. Revealing, yet not disregarding a standard of good taste, Out From Under is a gripping read about one child’s traumatic eyewitness accounts in the home and subcultures and her desperate emotions, nightmares, and sexual confusion as she struggles with the impact of homosexuality. See how she confronts the forbidden darkness of sexual activities, gets out from under the foreboding weight of family secrets, and finds a future filled with surprising hope, happiness, and healing.


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