Joshua Moves to the Jungle

Joshua Moves to the Jungle


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What sights! What sounds! Dancing! Swaying! Brightly colored clothing! The Babali people are singing a welcome song but the words are strange to Joshua’s ears. Joshua has arrived at his new home in the hot, steamy air of the Ituri Rain Forest with his mom, dad, and two big sisters. Come along on a young boy’s grand adventure in Congo, Africa. Joshua sees a little girl about his size. Will she be his new best friend? He cannot understand what people are saying, but he listens and learns to speak. Each day is filled with discovery as Joshua learns about the animals, plants, and insects of his new home. This story of a young boy adjusting to a new culture, making new friends, and quickly and easily learning a new language illustrates how children adapt and how their hearts and minds are open and free of prejudice.

This Baird Family Adventure is a read-to, or I-can-read book for ages pre-school to pre-teen

1 Review

Rachel Shew's picture
Rachel Shew

This book brings me great joy! What a fun adventure for a family to experience and share. The author did an exceptional job engaging the reader in Joshua's story.


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