Walking Through Grief

Walking Through Grief


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“Walking through Grief” is a must-have for your resource library.

Since 2004, Brian and Leah have been helping others to walk through their grief and to find peace. You will be comforted and blessed all at the same time. This is a wonderful guide to help you, your loved ones and friends learn to find peace through the journey of grief. By learning to be led by the Holy Spirit, they have shared their innermost thoughts to help you as you walk through the grief process. In their first book “From Misery to Ministry – A Walk of Faith”, they share unique and divine encounters that changed their lives forever, as well as the lives of those they encountered. Their second book, “Steps of Faith”, continues to bring you hope, healing and encouragement. They will bless you with their walk and share how God can comfort you in those times of doubt, fear and despair. May this book help you as you begin your journey, “A Journey of Peace.”


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