The Identity Crisis

The Identity Crisis


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The identity crisis is a unique book. It sheds light on all the things that keep Christians from knowing who they really are. Monica takes readers through a journey of unveiling the root causes of an identity crisis, pin-pointing the genesis, and identifying the identity crisis that is at the root of all other mental, emotional relational, and spiritual identity conflicts. Monica shares insights and revelations given to her by God through the study of His word, dreams, and vision. Monica’s mission is to aide Christians in true self-discovery while encouraging readers to seek God for themselves and to be confident in their ability to hear God. Included in this book is a dreams and visions interpretation guide to aid reader in understanding what God is saying to them about their personal identity, purpose, and destiny in life through dreams and visions. This book will empower readers by arming them with revelatory keys which will unlock layers of the soul, bringing healing and freedom to the innermost parts.


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