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Public Education


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A SOCIALIST AGENDA RIGHT IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD Anyone who watches the headlines knows that war rages in our nation. The liberal agenda to destroy America's three cornerstones of exceptionalism and to transform our nation into a socialist country grows more blatant by the day. What many parents and educators fail to realize, however, is that this agenda has already gained ground in communities across the fruited plain through an avenue few would expect-our public school system. In pushing your neighborhood toward socialism, the public school system: Attacks family values, Christianity, and American patriotism. Erodes America's traditions and Christian foundation. Pushes the state religion and a spirit of governmental dependence. Encourages physical, moral, and intellectual weakness. Handicaps students from achieving their full potential. Written by an educational insider, this eye-opening expos’‚©, a must have for every concerned parent, describes the 235-year plan to hijack American democracy. It also reveals a destructive philosophy, based on Plato's Republic, America must abandon to avert God's judgment.

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