Organize His Way

Organize His Way


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Is Clutter Really a Faith Issue? If we accept that God desires intimacy in our daily lives, how does that translate to the clutter that sits on our tables, countertops, and storage spaces? Anyone who has tried to "get organized" knows how tough it can be, and the Christian community is no different. Is there anything in the Bible that tells us how to finally-once and for all-deal with our internal and external clutter? In her early days as a certified professional organizer, Eileen Koff quickly understood that to make a difference in the lives of her clients, she had to unveil the disorganizing lies that kept them in disarray. Simply shedding God's Word like light in a darkened room allows her clients to see the root causes of their clutter. Eileen's Organize...His Way dispels the myths, lies, and false beliefs that keep people in bondage to their possessions, and outlines realistic expectations on how to maintain the work in process. Eileen believes strongly that while our thought processes dictate our actions, those thoughts are rooted in our belief systems. Unveiling those beliefs, founded on God's Word, is the cornerstone of her book. Writing in a supportive, nonjudgmental tone, Eileen uses real-life stories, scriptures, and questions to enhance your learning and encourage you to seek out the reason behind your clutter. Organize...His Way has already changed the lives of hundreds of clients seeking Eileen's help and inspiration. Organize...His Way will change your life too!

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1 Review

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Laura Abell

What does it mean to treasure something? What are we treasuring and how do we store up treasures in heaven? This study helps to explain how the clutter in our lives, both physical and mental, affects our homes, relationships, and intimacy with God. It also provides practical steps we can take to clear out the clutter, bringing more peace and space into our homes and lives. This is a wonderful, Biblical study about how clutter can keep us from living the abundant life that Jesus desires for all of His followers. It provides deep truth along with practical applications - I highly recommend it!


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