The Portrait of a Christian

The Portrait of a Christian


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My heart sank within me. Something was VERY wrong! My heart profoundly sank into my innermost being. It was then I knew in my heart of hearts that this insight was NOT given to me to judge anyone, but to HELP every called-out-one safely into the Kingdom of God. I wanted to somehow spiritually paint the Portrait of a Christian in order that all who professed to be Christians would then be able to examine themselves to see if they could recognize the Spirit of Jesus Christ within themselves. And, God forbid, if they failed the test, just maybe, if they had ears to hear, they could then turn their mere Christian profession into a truly born-again experience. With this in mind, the title I have given to this book is: The Portrait of a Christian. The title comes from the knowledge that the best way to warn (admonish) of a fault is to expose the genuine-to expose the Spirit behind the Holy Scriptures so you can examine yourself to see if you recognize the Spirit of Jesus Christ (The Word) in you. This is one examination that ALL professing Christians must pass; to fail this examination has eternal infernal consequences. Raymond D. Sopp Int'l Ministries P.O. Box 25352 Colorado Springs, CO 80936 (USA) Website: Email:


1 Review

Miguel-Francisco Ruiz's picture
Miguel-Francisco Ruiz

I have to say that the book is impacting. It will shake you for you will question your fait. The church is experiencing a sleep. Many christians we think we are saved because once we repented, prayed and recognised Jesus like our Lord and Saviour. But salvation and the salvation prayer is preceded and followed by true repentance. That is the first step and of course required for salvation. But what if then, we still conform to the world, live like the world and like what the world likes? So, what if we think we are saved but we still do the very things that God hates? And some could say: "God is love, God cannot hate". Please do not forget that God is above all Holy, Perfect and Justice is part of His full Perfection. Sin cannot be left without punishment. That is not justice and that is not God perfect ways either! We are saved because God Himself made all our very deserved punishment to come upon His only begotten Son Jesus Christ on the cross. He suffered the punishment that was intended for our sins. There is a narrow door, but there is a narrow way and that way is the one we Christians, denying ourselves and taking our cross we must follow. That is what takes to follow Jesus; a complete surrender to the Lord of Lords. That starts with a prayer but can go up to persecution and even death for our faith. The servant is not more than his Master. This book will let you wake-up and put you back on the right path to salvation. The path once you promised to follow when you prayed for your salvation. God bless you!


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