The Apocalypse Has Begun

The Apocalypse Has Begun


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In The Apocalypse Has Begun, Steve Terrell vividly explains how these eschatological events came to pass and makes a convincing argument for the apocalyptic trials that are soon to follow. He also clearly shows how many of these events will not take place as people have expected, such as: The Beast will not initially step on to the world stage as a powerful personality. The Beast will not be physically "wounded unto death" and then experience some sort of resurrection. The Rapture will not take place before the event that many call "the tribulation." There will not be a one-world government before Jesus returns, nor will there be a one-world Church. There will not be a new city of Babylon built in Iraq. The battle of Armageddon will not involve all the armies of the world. The Apocalypse Has Begun is a must-read for better understanding of the end-times and where the world is likely headed. It should become a significant book for any serious Bible study class.

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