Saving America

Saving America


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SKU: 978-1-63232-214-2. Author Bio: Michael Jolayemi Tags: : Political IdeologiesPolitical Science
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Few today would deny that America's unique historical moral and cultural values are rapidly eroding in an unrelenting onslaught of increasingly vulgar examples of "free" expression. Every area of culture, media, politics and social discourse has become infected with a virtual meltdown of its former wholesomeness. In short, the nation is constantly bombarded with godlessness. What has become of the soul of America? How can our great nation recover its moral heart? Who can stop the torrent of immorality invading our homes? Why do God's enemies seem to be winning the battle? Saving America lifts a battle cry, calling the Church in America to arise and initiate new strategies to combat Satan's forces, retake the cultural landscape, and renew American values before it is too late.

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