Rampaging Possums

Rampaging Possums


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SKU: 978-1-63232-089-6. Author Bio: Wendy Lee Tags: : Juvenile FictionChristianAnimals
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A certain time ago . . . life was trying and tricky for the Poss family. They scritched and they scratched; they pulled and they tweaked; they screeched and they screamed! What has happened to the six precious possum children who live in the great, grey gum trees? One day they are a lovable possum family; the next day they are Rampaging Possums! It doesn't take their parents, Gum and Ruby, long to figure out that their "possie" children are definitely not reflecting their Maker. So begins a delightful journey to bring these little rampaging possums back on track. Their adventures are sure to delight young and old alike! Enjoy the fun of possum antics as you reflect and use NIV® Bible inclusions as a parenting tool.

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