We will be printing 25,000 copies of our Women of Joy Author Showcase Magazine to put into the hands of women at the conferences, as well as creating a digital edition with embedded video interviews that can be posted on your site—“as featured at the Women of Joy Conference.”

Amber Weigand-Buckley and I have been brainstorming together and she has suggested a number of options we will be offering. Amber has helped me set the pricing and specs for this classy, full-color, 70# glossy stock, perfect-bound magazine-style promotional piece. Amber has 22 years of award-winning work and experience in both in the print and digital magazine industry.

We believe this is going to be a highly effective way to introduce you and your ministry heart to the conference attendees and the book sales will follow!

Other options we are offering are Special Placement, Platinum and Diamond Sponsorships, Premium Ad Placement, Book Excerpt opportunities, and some Guest Editorial options as well. Pricing list is below.

Also, you may want to meet Amber in this video interview, just for some clarity!


Deadlines are as follows:

Headliner author two-page spreads, special placement articles/excerpts, special placement ads (front, back, inside front spread, etc.), guest editorial—December 1
All other ads from half page down to 1/5 will be due by January 1

Premium Sponsorship (First-Come, First Served)

  • Diamond Level Sponsorship—Main Cover Feature —Personality Photo— $10,000 With Guest Editorial (SOLD)
  • Platinum Level Sponsorship—Center Spread Article with inside back cover ad (editorial)—$8,500 (SOLD)


Standard Advertisements Premium Placement—1 page (includes design, copy writing and editing)

Inside Front* $4,500 (SOLD)
Inside Back Spread* $6,500
Back Cover* $7,500
Right-Hand Full-Page Ad Placement* $2,700
Coming Soon Spread (1/4 pg) $1,295

Standard Ad Sizes


Rates (Design and copywriting  included)

1/5 page on genre-specific spread $695
¼ page $825
1/3 page $995
½ page* $1,495
2/3 page* $2,195
Full Page* $2,965
Two-Page Spread* $5,500

*Books represented in this size ad must have a minimum of 10 reviews on Amazon with a 4-star average or equivalent endorsement. Redemption Press reserves the right to choose the best fit for all premium level authors.

**Redemption Press reserves the right to require cover upgrade in order to participate.

***Click to see an example of Amber’s work and what the digital edition will be like.

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